Through Time And Space: The newest Gucci Eyewear

vor 3 years

Gucci is taking us back in time with their Fall/Winter 2021 eyewear collection.

Heavily inspired by a sophisticated 80s retro aesthetic, the Italian fashion house is providing urbanity as well as strength and durability.

The Gucci eyewear campaign for Fall Winter 2021/22 takes us on a contemplative journey through different stylistic eras. The protagonists are shot in different scenic environments, but a theme is running through the images: Everyone is chatting on retro telephones and is wearing the new Gucci eyewear, of course. The campaign was shot in Shanghai and London, both cities serving as the urban epicenters for staging and curating the story. A diversity of styles from various eras builds the foundation for the new eyewear line: Oversized spares and cat eye frames, embellished or plain black, slightly tinted or optical glasses. All showcasing the broad creative spectrum of Gucci eyewear.

All Images: Courtesy of Gucci

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