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“Like the sea that washes every shore without prejudice, so too a museum is an entirely open space, nourishing those who are drawn to it. This collection speaks of encounters – incontri – between the city and the beach, and among people who love life. Ultimately, it speaks about freedom. I feel free when there is no distance between my words and my thoughts, between my actions and my heart.”

"I hope that people feel free and welcomed in my clothes." Sabato De Sarno

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2025 collection embodies freedom, energy, and community, merging city and beach aesthetics. The collection features long coats with high vertical pockets and exaggerated back openings, alongside formal wear in sharp single-breasted suits and relaxed double-breasted jackets. Zip-up jackets, embossed leather collars, and utility-inspired shirts with unique trims are highlighted. Handknitted long-sleeve polo shirts and jackets in sorbet colors are adorned with beaded fringe.

Shoes include sculptural pointed toe Horsebit boots and loafers, and Gucci cub3d sneakers with 3D interlocking G’s. Bags range from archival-inspired luggage to soft padded leather bags and functional bucket bags. Accessories feature belts with snap hook closures, bamboo-like bracelets and necklaces, and chunky sunglasses with colorful straps.

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