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Buying furniture is a tricky business, so it really helps when a brand like Sweef comes along with a massive variety of styles and colours to make your decision easier. In 2023, the Swedish brand entered the German Market with the launch of its website and flagship store in Berlin with their strong belief that there is a sofa for everyone at Sweef!

We spoke with Creative Director Emma Ungewitter about their name, their collections and why your favourite piece of furniture is named after an animal!

Sweef is a very curious name; please tell us if there is a story behind it…
When Sweef first started, the goal was to find a name that would describe the brand’s vision in an effortless way. What came out from this was initially ‘Swedish e-furniture’, which then evolved into the name Sweef. It was shorter, easier to remember and had that touch of playfulness that centers around the brand.

How would you describe your collection?
All of our products at Sweef can be described as happy, playful, colourful, soft and, of course, cosy. We love to add these elements wherever we go and to everything we do. We truly believe that there is a sofa for everyone at Sweef; with our range of upholstery, garments and colours, our customers can create over 250 different versions of each model. In the beginning, Sweef only sold sofas and sofa beds. Today, the assortment is so much larger. We now offer a full range of furniture pieces that suit different homes, rooms and customers – something that we are really proud of.

Why did you decide to name your furniture after animals?
We wanted to have a line of products that has many different types in its “family”. We also felt that everyone has a connection to animals; we named our new products after the animal that it resembles the most.

Who is your customer?
We want to be there for everyone. We want to meet and connect with customers who have high expectations of quality and who want to enjoy their piece of furniture for a long time. Everyone’s personality should be reflected in their home and their belongings. We’re excited to see how the brand grows in Germany. Most Germans are more open to colours (and patterns), which we love!

How is the design process for you in choosing your final products?
We think of an idea and get inspired by many things, such as magazines, hotels and/or travel. I describe my idea to our factory, and they create a prototype. We then let all the employees decide and share their thoughts when it arrives in our showroom. We sometimes make some changes, or we keep it as it is. It is important for us to hear everyone’s opinions. Just like our customers differ in taste and style, it is the same variation of taste among us Sweefers.

Do you follow the latest furniture trends or colours?
People who say that they don’t are probably not being honest. You are always influenced by the things and colours you see around you. For example, if green is the colour of the year, you see it in different shapes and forms everywhere…eventually, more and more people will start to love green. We always try to go our own way, follow our brand, and keep it playful.

Who would be your dream collaborator, and why?
We love to work with visual artists. Finding new ways to incorporate new patterns to different textures and materials together with artists is always exciting and fun.

Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
I love Hajen. Hajen is a seat and hocker. It’s elegant and playful in its shape and still so comfortable. I am really excited about the latest module in the series ‘Hajen konvex’, which is a great addition if you want to style a lounge, hotel lobby, office or restaurant. It’s perfect and cool!

Interview by Clare Langhammer
Image Courtesy by Sweef

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