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Under this year’s motto ‘Summer of Joy‘ of Telekom’s Electronic Beats Festival, DJ Shubostar from South Korea, now living in Berlin, heated up the city of Ulcinj in Montenegro.

Shubostar, who is not only a DJ but also a producer, inspires with her “Cosmic Disco Sound” sets and can meanwhile also call herself the founder of her own label uju records, under which she brings her favorite artists of this genre to the stages.
We had the chance to talk to Shubostar as one of the headliners of Telekom Electronic Beats Festival about the concept of freedom, fun and youth culture

What does your stage name Shubostar mean?
I used to have short hair and dress like a tomboy. A friend nicknamed me ‘Shubo’, a mix of ‘super’ and ‘boy’, which I loved, so I adopted it as my DJ name. Later, when I started making music, I wanted a new name. As a big cosmic fan, I added ‘Star’ to the end, and that’s my current artist name.

You’re from South Korea and moved to Berlin – what influences unite both in you?
Ever since my first visit to Berlin, I felt a strong connection to the city, knowing I would live there someday. When I started working with a European agency, my manager suggested moving to Europe. It was then that I realized the perfect time had arrived to follow my dream.

As an artist you are in a progressive and fast evolving world – how do you discover something new and new sides to yourself that you can apply to your music?
Collaboration with other artists gives me different points of view on producing and provides fresh inspiration. Traveling all around the world also helps a lot of my creativity. I enjoy attending festivals, parties and meeting DJs who influence my music. Additionally, visiting museums, watching old movies, and reading books are also good fuel.

You are part of this years Telekom Electronic Beats line up, an initiative to support young people and provide cultural moments. How important do you think it is to engage with youth culture and music experiences?
The youth are the future of culture. Supporting and empowering them is very important. Expanding their consciousness through diverse party and music experiences is essential for a better culture!

This years theme is “Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom”. The last years have been a huge challenge and filled with restrictions and fear. How do you think music can accompany people through difficult, challenging times and why is music such a powerful tool?
Music connects us emotionally, and we feel freedom from it, uniting people. Throughout history, music has brought humanity together, as seen in religious practices where singing helped overcome hardships. This natural power of music strengthens and unites us.

What did joy and freedom mean to you personally in the past and now?
When I was young, “Joy” meant amusement among friends, but now it’s about finding energy in activities like Yoga, meditation, reading books, hiking mountains, and spending time with family. In the past, “Freedom” was about appearing different and trying to stand out. I wanted to be unique and thought that was freedom. However, these days, true freedom is simply being myself and not caring about other people’s thoughts. It’s about embracing my authenticity.

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