Kristen Stewart Channels Her Inner Princess Diana

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Kristen Stewart is set to play Princess Diana in the new film “Spencer”. Though fans don’t approve there is some resemblance between both ladies that proves that Stewart is the right choice for the ‘Queen of Hearts’.

Kristen Stewart is set to play one of the most famous women of all time: Diana, Princess of Wales (original name Diana Frances Spencer).
Her dreadful passing in August 1997 made headlines far and near and still is shrouded in conspiracy theories.
Fans, supporters, and royal family members from all over the world mourned over their “Queen of people’s hearts”. As much as her death and life are full of unrevealed myths, she certainly left an important legacy within her sons William and Harry, as well as the rest of the British monarchy.

Many film producers have ventured on portraying Princess Diana, only a few have accomplished showing who she really was: Diana’s activism in charity around the world and her glamour made her a true icon and an international royal trendsetter. 
Her tumultuous private life was continuously in the press. Alongside her former husband Prince Charles, the press maligned lubricious affairs to outsiders of Britain’s royal family. Conspiracy theories around Diana’s death include her dalliance Dodi Fayed who was also pronounced dead after being injured in a car crash in a road tunnel in Paris. 

In a new drama from Pablo Larraín, the acclaimed Chilean director reflects her divorce to Prince Charles in 1992. As she grew to be a media star, her marriage to Prince Charles suffered a severe crisis. The marriage of the Crown Prince couple failed and Prince Charles went back to his early love Camilla, whom he later married.
The 1990s scandals resulting from Dianas and Charles’ conflict seriously damaged the British monarchy’s image.
With the divorce in 1996, Diana lost her rank as Royal Highness but remained a member of the royal family. Just a year later she died in unexplained circumstances.

The film called “Spencer” (referred to her maiden name before marriage) follows Diana over one weekend when she decided her marriage to Prince Charles was not working anymore. Director Larraín explains the film as an upside-down fairytale as Princess Diana decided not to be the queen and rather go back to a more normal non-royal life.

What seems controversial to both Diana and Kristen Stewart fans is that the American Actress and former Muse of Karl Lagerfeld will play the late Princess of Wales in the new film. There have been mixed opinions from fans online on whether the “Twilight” actress is the right fit for the role. Filming starts next year and the movie is scheduled for 2022 to finish.
Until then, we have time to look back to Diana’s most iconic outfits and search for some fashion similarities between Fashion Icon Diana, Princess of Wales, and megastar Kristen Stewart. A side-by-side comparison of both ladies shows that they are actually pretty alike in terms of fashion style:

Diana had been pictured in countless grey blazers and Stewart appeared to be inspired by this look. Besides fashion resemblance Kristen Stewarts current hairstyle is also similar to Lady Di’s classic blond tuft.

The actress modernised Diana’s Emanuel ball gown with a similar evening dress. Diana’s fairy-tale style ball gown later became famous.

Left: The former Chanel Muse in a rosa Chanel ensemble. Right: Princess Diana in a baby pink jacket.

Besides official appearances Kristen and Diana also have a casual resemblance. Both wear a loose shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap in this photo. Stewart emulated the look at a film festival in Spain, last year.

At the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, Kristen Stewart went for a little red dress. Princess Diana wore a similar neck holder by Catherine Walker while in Argentina.

“Twilight”-actress Stewart wore this black and blue mini dress on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in 2011, Diana wore a similar dress by Bruce Oldfield in Venice.


Kristen Stewart wore a black suit and skirt combination by Stella McCartney to a movie screening in 2011. There’s a true resemblance to an outfit Princess Diana wore in London,1997.

Both fashion icons wearing a light two-piece combination. Kristen Stewart also resembled Diana with chopped blonde hair.

Kristen Stewart at the Met Gala 2010 and the Princess of Wales at a Vanity Fair party 1994. The dress was auctioned off in 1997 and fetched $3.25 million.

Stewart in a sparkling gown at the Venice Film Festival in 2019, which looks like a sequinned version of a Catherine Walker dress Princess Diana once wore to a Christmas concert in 1991.

Text: Olivier Mohrińge

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