MEJURI: Luxury redefined

vor 3 years

Lovingly handcrafted, designed for a golden future that doesn’t follow trends – Jewellery label MEJURI redefines luxury and puts its stamp on it. 

The days when fine jewellery was only part of special occasions are a thing of the past. And this is where Toronto-based brand Mejuri comes into play. The millennial-focused jewelry brand sells delicate pieces with hints of minimalism and hues of simplicity etched into each design.

Plus: Since its founding, Mejuri has met the highest quality standards in terms of production conditions, and the jewellery label also places great emphasis on transparency in order to continuously improve environmental and social standards (all while keeping their prices reasonable). For all who are curious now: The fine jewelry pieces from Mejuri are now also available in Germany!



Image Courtesy of Mejuri

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