New Vagabond Atelier Collection

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Perhaps you’re like me: each year, around this time, you’re on the hunt for a pair of transitionary Fall-to-Winter shoes. Year after year, my hopes are held high for a pair of the perfect boots. You know the type… The boots I can wear to the office with trousers tucked into them… The boots I can remain wearing when I throw on a dress to meet friends for drinks once I finally leave the office… The boots I can just as easily wear with sweats and an oversized coat for late night runs to my corner spati (they know me there, I can’t look too haggard, they might stop sliding me the occasional free Mars bar.)

I feel like I have found these boots a couple times, but well out of my price range (ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, I refer to you…) I can only afford to admire them from afar (read: online, on the feet of influencers.)

Recently, though, Vagabond released a little news… they have opened up a chic collection entitled Atelier, crafted with higher quality leathers, with more attention paid to seaming, structure, and classic design meant to last longer than a passing trend. There are some sporty details, such as a grippier, thicker soul. This makes the shoes incredibly easy and comfortable to walk in, be it out and about on cobblestone, or simply for the stroll to your car. The designs are elegant and refined. One of the models for the Vagabond Atelier is the stylist and influencer HANNA MW. We spoke with her briefly after the Vagabond release party she hosted about her style and the collection.

We asked Hanna to describe her style and where she garners inspiration:
I am classic but still modern, with a playful twist. I gain inspiration from travel, music, nature, people, old movies and from art.

On her favorite shoe in the Vagabond Atelier Collection:
The loafers! I have already been wearing them a lot! My favorite way to wear them is with a white sock and my Prada skirt. 

The new collection is out now, and the shoes are going fast! Find your favorite here

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