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This week’s most inspiring, comical, beautiful, strange, culturally relevant, or totally irrelevant highlights our editors found on Instagram this week:

Let‘s keep office concepts creative (at least in our heads). FIESTA! – Sina Braetz, Fashion Director

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I’ll take 2 🥂

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Champagne s’il vous-plaît! Nutritionists claim that drinking champagne is scientifically good for you. You needn’t feel guilty next time you pop the champagne cork. So, save water and drink Champagne, in moderation, of course! – Olivier Mohrińge, Fashion Intern


Andreas Kornthaler always shares with us a lot of Vivienne-centric content via his Instagram account and I always find myself asking for more. I’m wondering how would be a day chilling with Vivienne Westwood in an Austrichian chalet. From punk fashion icon to climate activist she really can do it all… – Marien Brandon, Fashion Intern


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#jewelry #skin

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I’ve been really into the many moods of artist and designer Kostas Murkudis this summer. He’s been designing since the 90s, and his past shows are so fun and inspiring to watch. I came across this account, that serves as a bin of images I imagine he had taped to the walls of his bedroom and studio at one point or another. – Janna Shaw, Managing Editor

Editor’s note: proof that we love this account so much is that in a team of 10, our Managing Editor and Fashion Director draw inspiration from the same account on the same week 

My highlight of the week has been to discover this collaboration between Juergen Teller and Kim Kardashian West (and Kanye). Google it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. – Noé Cassi, Art Direction Intern

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This time we have been in the USA to visit the filming location of Forrest Gump! It is our first picture with people we met there…so the photo shooting was very exciting 😁 . Location: Run Forrest, Run!", a famous quote and quite famous place! You can clearly see the Monument Valley Area with the beautiful red sand and stones. It is a very long road in Arizona and really hot out there…and it was October 😅 The silhouette of the huge rocks in the background is exactly the same, only the sign is new 😃 . . Clothes: We didn't have a cap like Forrest. So Judith draw the company logo 😁 The jacket was from a friend. Thanks to @anubis.hes and sorry for sweating. It was very hot 😅 . . Actors: The problem was the crowd of people behind Forrest Gump. So we asked some guys from Thailand if they want to be our shooting partner. They were very ambitious to get a perfect photo 😅 A special thanks for your great support!! @namekesara @kch._.m @smioroa @wonatz @23mariott @kittaploy Whole making-of 👉🏼 instastory And @tomhanks, we hope you like the photo 😊 Original photo: Paramount Pictures #USA #Arizona #MonumentValley #desert #forrestgump #tomhanks #traveller #hiking #roadtrip #secretfamousplaces #travellog #travellust #adventure #love #castaway #bubbagump #robinwright #westcoast #nationalpark #america #amerika #theus #california #travelphotography #marathon #runforrestrun #visitarizona #arizonaisgorgeous #see_arizona

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We all know throwback challenges that aim at recreating the oldest childhood pics. Judith and Robin are also specialists in recreations, but of a different kind: They search for exact locations from series or movies and get in gear and position in front of their camera. The results are definitely worth seeing. Their captions also provide you with further info and fun details on how they found the spots. With some luck, you’ll see them featuring your favorites. – Pia Gebauer, Editorial Intern

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