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Right in the middle of the week, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our minds and keep us on our toes.

“My decision not to use any music in the show was made as a sign of respect towards the people involved in the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine.”
In the intimate setting of a small theatre that has the personal feel of a jewellery box, Giorgio Armani once again returns to the signs that identify his style. First, softness, expressed in fluid and elongated silhouettes that dance with every step. Followed by the precision of exact constructions and the sense of an elegance created by renouncing the superfluous rather than excess.


Sunny days will be back soon, I promise. At Fräulein we like to keep things organized, at least we try. So while daydreaming about the comeback of summer days, we strated thinking about our seaside wardrobes already. 

We won’t be caught wearing a cheap bathing suits bought two hours before catching our flight, to wherever the sun would be, not this year! So we prepped and looked into the “what’s new?” of swimwear. Lucky us, -and you too dear readers- Marc O’Polo launched their newest swimwear line for men and women. The cuts are modern and nice with a range of triangles and bandeau shapes, high-waisted bottoms and V-neck swimsuits. Most of all we love that they are sustainably made from recycled polyamide.

The pieces are quite minimal which is great, because you want them to be still trendy next summer. Also their swimsuits are available in all sorts of soft shades, although we instantly noticed the Pamela Anderson’s red onepiece, that we would love to see on our beloved editor Caro Becker next time their is a canicular weather in Berlin forcing us to go refresh near the closest lake -although she might styled it with leather boots- Pamela Neukölln style.


When I think about Desigual, I think about the Movida: a Spanish art movement which aims to express freedom, after the forty years of fascist regime in the country, through explosions of colours. Movida can be seen everywhere in Spanish culture, from cinema to painting but also remarkably, in fashion. Desigual does just that and always express a feeling of freedom through the brights mix and match of colours used throughout their collections.

If the recent year has brought us to dive more into the minimal in the way we dress, the Y2K influences gave a new reason to wear Desigual again and with the world actual situation; wearing colours for freedom is the least we could do.

The band offers us a very interesting collaboration with Libertine’s designer Johnson Hartig, who didn’t hesitated to bring a punkish touch into the mix, resulting in a fun to style collection with pieces aesthetically strong on their own but even more cute once combined.

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