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Right in the middle of the week, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our minds and keep us on our toes.

Something to absolutely look forward to: on the 21st of April, the Spanish brand Desigual is launching a collaboration with Stella Jean. The collection excites us with a strong personal background that invites the wearer to partake in the celebration of the designer´s cultural identity. Born in Rome to a Haitian mother and Italian father, Stella has developed a strong sense of aesthetics and engagement. Fusioning it with the best traditions of the Desigual house, the line delivers a lively selection of pieces full of spirit and lust for life.

A long summer in Copenhagen: A day by the sea, feeling the warm sand between your toes and looking out over the open sea. Or the clinking of glasses and the rushing conversations of people in bars on mild summer evenings. The city is just as diverse as the possibilities. Copenhagen is Nordic comfort paired with dolce vita and laissez-faire. With the new Resort 2022 collection, made for the peak of summer, Blanche takes us to the city of her origins. As one of the first Scandinavian fashion labels, the collection is certified with the Fair Trade seal. Blanche presents her rib fabric, which is now an integral part of each of her collections, in cool cuts of shorts and fitted tops, but also dresses that reflect the easiness of the city. 


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