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Right in the middle of the week, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our minds and keep us on our toes.

28.04.2022. Save the date. When the arts meet, Apelbaum03 has our backs covered. Proposing the marriage between visual arts, performance, culinary experiences and rave, the event will unravel through these individual spheres of creation giving birth to a collective whole. Taking place in the Anomalie Art Club, Apelbaum03 kicks off with a pop up gallery curated by Odile Breffa, Joseph Wolgang Ohlert and Jonathan Apelbaum– whose mesmerizing creations will be exhibited on the concrete walls of the club. Special mention goes to the immersive, interactive large scale paintings of Apelbaum, who together with a team of engineers created an AI sensory hardware giving life to the oil paintings themselves. The nearly 2000 LED lights behind each cognitive painting, allow for the public to change the composition of the work itself by enacting inputs through a translucent silk-based canvas, in a constant interchange of influence by the surroundings. The night will be closed by the sounds of queer duo Italian Lebanese Fantasy (AKA bass & Giulia), Private School Latina and Miro von Berlin. An event not to miss.



Vestiaire Collective releases a report that reveals the extent to which resale platforms in general and Vestiaires business model focused on high-quality items can drastically reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. As the first platform in the resale industry, Vestiaire used an innovative monetisation technique to demonstrate the positive impact that resale can have on the fashion industry. The company’s first impact report, created in partnership with PwC, reveals that:    

  • Shopping with Vestiaire Collective saves 90% of the environmental cost of a new item
  • 70% of the items purchased on Vestiaire Collective prevented first-hand purchase
  • Each item bought second-hand on Vestiaire Collective saves 17kg CO2 compared to buying a new item, equivalent to 100km driven by an average car
  • Only 10% of the Vestiaire Collective community use the profits from their second-hand sales to pay for new purchases, showing how resale can tackle overconsumption

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