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Right in the middle of the week, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our minds and keep us on our toes.

Swedish fashion house Filippa K is ushering in a new era under recently appointed Creative Director Liisa Kessler. Her debut campaign introduces a classic swimwear collection that pays homage to the Swedish tradition of ice bathing. Shot on the bare, frozen tundra of northern Sweden, the human form is juxtaposed with the beauty of the landscape to celebrate our authentic connection to nature — and to each other. The collection is a nod to the minimalist swimsuits of the ’90s, with understated, sensual silhouettes. The choice of materials follows Filippa K‘s philosophy of sustainability. Each fabric is made from existing upcycled and recycled textiles to avoid new production.

Irish artist Sinead O’Brien today releases the brand new track “Multitudes” from her debut album “Time Bend and Break The Bower“, out June 10th via Chess Club Records. O’Brien has always evoked powerful worlds by combining words, music and images. But none were as powerful or as haunting as they were on their debut album. In the space that exists between her delivery – which is simultaneously wry, silky, vicious and confident – and the music – a dynamic, dancing call-and-response from her collaborators, guitarist Julian Hanson and drummer Oscar Robertson a productive tension. Using a method based on instinct and in constant exchange with multi-sensory impulses, O’Brien carves a place as a musical oracle for an ever-changing time.

Berlin gets together the coolest Ukrainian brands again! This time as a charity sale ARTCODEUA, curated by the fashion designers of HUND HUND and Lilia Litkovskaya, the head of LITKOVSKAYA on May 20th to 21st at LOBE BLOCK. Brands like Gunia, Bobkova, Anna October, DZHUS, and Chego are taking part. Many of the designers will personally join the event. Browse through the work of Ukrainian designers, discover craftsmanship and feel the spirit with a good cause in mind.

The lifestyle brand UGG came together for a project awarding sustainable fashion makers. Raising awareness and consciousness of global problems, the initiative is calling for participants to apply for the award until June 11th. The initiative is supposed to reward young talents´ aspirations for more sustainable fashion industry. The applicants will receive a creative task to rework concept of the Classic Mini“-Boot. The winner will receive a grant of 20.000 € for their innovative approach.

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