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Right when the long-awaited weekend is just around the corner, we assemble and (of course) share several news that are on our mind and keep us on our toes. So, let the weekend beginn!

The Kyiv-based brand IENKI IENKI known for functional outwear with a futuristic and folklore twist is launching a new collection full of bright colors and puffed vests, bags, and hats.
With a close detail to innovative nylon viewing, the garments become lighter and more durable, letting the designer skillfully play with shaped and rounded silhouettes.

PB 0110´S KHMU 1 BAG
PB 0110 has launched a durable and lightweight alternative to the conventional plastic bag – the KHMU 1 Bag. Made entirely by hand using split from local, fast-growing pea bushes, each piece is entirely unique.
The simple, yet timeless design is inspired by traditional baskets and bags used by the tribe Khmu in Northern Laos, where the bags are produced by the indigenous population, supporting the livelihood of families from about 40 remote villages.

The bag is available in black and natural colors.


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