On My Christmas List: Candles upon Candles

vor 3 years

The Countess of Candles Shares Her Favorites of the Year

I have always been a candle buff. It started at Bath & Body Works, with those cloying syrupy sweet scents of things like Brown Sugar Vanilla Headache, or Moonlit Forest Whatever. My draw toward candles has never dwindled, it has only grown. I knew better than to dabble in IKEA. Who wants their home to smell like IKEA? I admit it, though— nice candles can be quite pricy, especially when you consider what it is you are doing to the money you spend: burning it. But if you have no problem dropping a little bit of dough on a fragrance for your body, what is the difference in filling your home with an equally desirable scent? Make your home a place of respite for yourself.Make your home memorable for others who have the pleasure of entering it. Light a candle if you don’t want your company to leave! I have listed a number of my favorite tried-and-true candle companies. I am conscious of candle ingredients. I do not wish to burn plastic in my home. When you blow out a candle, it should not smell of chemicals. If you are not in a place where you find it responsible to spend 50 (or 250) euros on a candle, that is completely understandable. But I implore you to at least seek out alternatives in the realm of natural based waxes. Beeswax is lovely. Soy is at least natural. Ditch the paraffin! Enjoy these beauties instead. 

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