organic denim by & Other Stories

vor 2 Jahren

Blue jeans are at the top of the list of favorite clothing items, and yet…

Despite the huge range of denim in stores, the hunt for the perfect fit goes on ad infinitum. But there is a problem: Unfortunately, denim is one of the fashion industry’s biggest environmental sins. Immense water consumption, toxins in fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals in dyes not only harm the environment but also harm workers in the textile industry. Therefore, there are a few good reasons to buy your next jeans made from organic cotton.

High-street clothing brand & Other Stories presents their „ultimate denim-wardrobe“: five timeless cuts made out of organic cotton. The fits are inspired by different decades, with or without stretch and come in different washes. By using sustainable materials CO2 emissions can be reduced, the plants are GMO-free and no harmful substances are used.

Our favorite of the new collection is – could the name be more appropriate? – the Favorite Cut with a high waist and straight leg.

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