Ouverture: Visual, Wearable Pleasure

vor 4 years

Sometimes two artistic visions come together that complement each other in a way that the result is harmonious and made stronger as the sum of its parts.

This is the case with the photographs Frank Hülsbömer created in the first artist-collaboration for the fine Berlin-based jewelry label Ouverture. Ouverture’s designs are unique, innovative, and time will show their timeless quality. They use precious materials such as 14k yellow, white and rosé gold, set with diamonds or emeralds. These pieces were recently put into the spotlight by Frank Hülsbömer, known for his unique installation photography. He calls himself a visual pleasurist – and that is exactly what he created:


Fine jewelry is a topic that is exciting all year around but especially when it comes to the end of the year, in the time of giving gifts to family, friends (and don’t forget yourself). Ouverture Berlin creates attainable fine jewelry, ethically handcrafted in a small workshop in Armenia, a country with 2000+ years of tradition in jewelry making. A few of the pieces will be pre-ordered – a strategy to prevent overproduction. Support the small brand through its online shop at ouvertureberlin.com.

Photos Courtesy of Frank Hülsbömer

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