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Happy Monday! This week’s earworms come from New York-based photographer and model Aviv Grimm.

We have recently featured quite a few sweeter-than-thou playlists, filled with tender indie sentimentalities. We like that, too. But right now, with so many varying stresses, a longing to dance, and a heatwave infiltrating and following us from the outdoors inside, we have been in the mood to listen to some gritty to get out the aggravation, and some chilly new-wave synth and post-punk attitude to have a better reason to sweat.

Fräulein reached out to the New York-based photographer, model, and witchy dark creature Aviv GrimmWe knew she would have good taste in music (if her band tees are any indicator), and we were right. Throw on your favorite shade of black and get a little gothy. And if your makeup starts to run, that’s even better.

Fräulein: What genre of music, band, or even specific album or song was formative in your youth?
Hardcore. I would go to shows every week, sometimes twice a week, in my teen years. It aligned all too well with the rage I felt about being a teenage girl. Nothing was more thrilling to me than standing outside of a venue at night, waiting for the show to start. I think having that barrier to play in my ears while I crawled through a world that I felt was rejecting me was crucial to my survival.

If you had a fashion show, how do you envision the models and the soundtrack?
I picture the models in some combination of anti-fashion and vintage corsetry, walking to Goblin and Sunn O))).

What music do you have associated with quarantine in New York? 
ohGr and Void have been thoroughly played in this second half of NYC quarantine.

When it comes to musicians, whose style do you admire? 
Dave Vanian, New York Dolls, and Chelsea Wolfe.

Do you have a favorite band tee?
I’ve been collecting vintage band tees for years, but this 1992 Skinny Puppy Last Rights was one of my firsts and favorites that I’ve worn to death.

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