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Each week, OOR Studios reaches out to various budding artists to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

This week’s artist is the German DJ, producer and musician Fritz Kalkbrenner.
Fritz went to his Berlin studio in the middle of the Corona crisis, producing and remixing new edits for his tracks. “Good Things” came, indeed.

We asked Fritz if he may have the time to make a playlist for Fräulein. Due to the lockdown, luckily for us, he did. With tunes ranging from Wu-Tang Clan (“These nine guys from Staten Island were equipped with the necessary toughness and self-assurance – everything works out well, as expressed in the accompanying, slightly megalomaniac, double album.”) to DOM (“Masterful, deconstructive techno reduced to the absolutely necessary basic framework without becoming bland. And then with a Julian Werding Sample. Many have tried to do it like him. But only 2 or 3 others have succeeded.”) this is a very masculine, adrenaline-pumping playlist, which is exactly what we need in the midst of our second lockdown. Our second cup of coffee hits that much harder today. Thank you Fritz! Below, find his playlist. If you’re into it, see what he is making on his own when not curating other music, here. We are also throwing on one of his video tracks for you, too. Happy Monday!

Photos Courtesy of Ben Wolf 

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