Playlist Pt. 27: Oscar Anton

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Each week, OOR Studios reaches out to various budding artists to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

The charming French artist Oscar Anton brings us some special, nostalgic sound this week that inspired him to write and compose his project “Home of Sanity”, the release of a three-song EP every month. The full project will be released on March 26th and the Fräulein team definitely can’t wait for it. But first, we’ll be listening to the carefully curated playlist Oscar made for us and which you can find below. We also talked to the bedroom pop musician about his warm hearting and hopeful music, his song-writing process and the unique connection to his family!

Hey Anton! Last year, you set out to release a three-song pack every month – written, composed, produced and recorded by yourself. The title of the project was “Home of Sanity.” Is making music a way to sanity?

Really yes, that’s what this project is all about. For me, being happy comes with making and releasing music all the time, I just love doing this. By pushing myself to release one pack every month, I also gave myself the opportunity to learn and try so many different things. I don’t want to be doing the same kind of music over and over again when there’s so many genres that I want to explore. Always trying to get better is really motivational for me.

You were signed at a major label and then, in 2019, you decided to quit and create your own label. Where did this decision come from? And how does it affect your music?

It’s just that I struggled to release my music how and when I wanted. With the label, I had to deal with team schedules, other artists releases, etc… it wasn’t for me. That’s why I decided to stay independent and release as much music as I could, by making music literally in my bedroom. That’s how this Home of Sanity project was born. Now I’m the only one deciding when my next song is going to come out, which visuals I’m using, which strategy we’re going for. Of course, I’m not alone, I found amazing people to help me along the way, but we’re a really small team and I like it!

Most of your songs are in English, others are in your mother-language French, and then there are also some bilingual tracks. How do you choose when to write a song in English or in French?

Strangely, it’s more natural for me to write in English. I never really listened to French artists when I was young. My parents were huge fans of The Police, Bob Marley, U2 … So I grew up listening to English songs and naturally I wrote English lyrics later. It’s only now that I’m discovering the French musical scene with discographies of Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Berger, or more recent artists like Ben Mazué. So I’m like, “Hey I also speak French so why not try using a few French words sometimes?” Aha. But really, I’m more into English music 😉

Are there any differences for you in the process of writing lyrics, dependent on whether you write in English or French?

No, it’s always the same process when it comes to writing lyrics. I always write the melody first, then produce the entire song, and only then write the lyrics. For me, emotions are created with the melody. The words are only there to reinforce the story, and structure the world you’re creating with the song. That’s my way of making a record.

You’re also making music together with your younger sister Clementine. Your song ” nuits d’étè “was released with a music video shot by your mother. What does family mean to you?

We’re really close as a family. I’ve always lived with both of my parents and my younger sister Clementine. They’ve been so supportive since the day I decided to make music. They’ve never stopped me from doing what I loved, and I’m so frickin’ grateful for this. It’s only last year that I discovered my sister could also sing and write songs! So of course we made one together and our parents were the first to listen to it.

What are your plans for this year? Can we expect your debut album?

Actually, I’m currently figuring that out…. I don’t know yet because last year’s been really busy, but for sure I’m not going to stop making songs and releasing them! What I can say is that I’m releasing all the songs that came out last year as one big playlist (album) + one new song that I just finished a few days ago. A few collaborations are ahead, too but let’s talk about that in a few weeks 😉 Thanks for having me!

Below you can find the songs that are currently inspiring Oscar, on the included playlist. 
Give him a follow here and watch the video of he and his sister Clementine here

Interview by Antonia Schmidt
Photography: Ludovic James

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