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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

For this weeks playlist we talked to the talented singer, music producer and artist KUOKO about her inspiration, her love for music and her newest work. Hamburg based artist KUOKO not only writes and produces her music herself, but also her very own visual world comes from her DIY nature – from artwork to music videos. The released single “Perfect Girl” gives us a taste of her debut album – as does her newly released song “Yellow Fever Gaze”!

Which topics are you concerned with and do they have an influence on your sound?
All kinds of things – how to take up space in a cis-male dominated industry, the mysteries of human communication in digital times…

How did music shape you ?
Music has always been teaching me a lot – it’s been helping me to feel emotions more intensely and view life from different angles. Every song is a chance to find out something about the world and yourself.

What is your new single “Perfect Girl” about?
‘Perfect Girl’ is a rebellion against society’s toxic expectations towards women, by deconstructing and unlearning them. It’s like a self-empowering hymn for me.

How do you create your music?
In my studio, all my music is written and produced by myself. Sometimes i play the guitar, but most of the time I work with digital tools within ableton.

What’s next on your agenda?
Releasing a very cool ‘Perfect Girl’ remix in september and finally the album in october, alongside new videos by SEOI Collective, who I work on my musicvideos with.


Check out KUOKO’s newest work “Yellow Fever Gaze“!

All Images: Courtesy of KUOKO
Interview by Annika Duda


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