Really Sweet Dreams: Magniberg’s New Candy Collection

vor 3 years

I have shamelessly been using this pandemic as an excuse to get into bed earlier and stay in bed later these days.

Nothing’s happening tonight? Okay, I will drink some wine in bed.
Still no cafes open in the morning? Okay, I want to drink my coffee in bed.

I don’t think my white sheets are appreciating my newfound fondness for them. And to be honest, this is going both ways. I am a firm believer in monochrome. My sheets are ONLY WHITE or they are ONLY BLACK. The craziest I have strayed when it comes to my bed linen, was when I found Magniberg made black fishnet covers. That was my first proclamation of love to Magniberg, and my love has only grown fonder. They do no wrong in my eyes. Their campaigns are chic. Their products are top notch quality. The look of the sheets worn in are even better than when they arrive crisp and pristine.

Their new collection and subsequent campaign is a far cry from my usual aesthetic. But you know what? Such is my life. Maybe this spring, I need a little softness and color… At least I will think about it… Magniberg has released 16 new colors inspired by Play-doh and candy. The editorial is shot by Hedvig Jenning, and reminds me of when I would stage my own editorials as a young girl, styling myself couture with bedsheets and wrapping pillow cases round my head for a turban.

I think my dream candy land combo would be:
A Peach pure duvet and Mud pillowcases

And a personal update: I just realized that Magniberg now also makes my dream pillowcases, all those fun colors aside. To match my black lace drapes, I have found rose lace linen !

See more from the sweet editorial and browse the new candy collection here

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