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Styling is a broad term, an art in itself and often underestimated by people outside our industry.

Because styling is power and styling is opinion-forming, styling is staging. And how we stage something ultimately determines its effect on the outside.

With ‘Stylist’s Vision’, s.Oliver has faced this question and taken on the role of an observer of the influence that three different stylists have on the same collection and would like to emphasize the versatility of their Fall/Winter 2022 collection and the wide range of interpretations that surround it.

In this sense, the three stylists Olive Duran, Nina Petters and Tim Tobias Zimmermann dedicated themselves to this challenge in a space for free development.

As Fashion Director of the magazines Nylon and Blonde, she lives fashion and also works as a stylist and in creative consulting. For her, fashion acts as a communication channel whose inspiration she often draws from the fields of philosophy and psychology.

TEAM: Creative Concept & Styling: Nina Petters | Photos: Sevda Albers | Production: Jenny Weser | Hair & Make-up: Tinna Empera via Nina Klein | Model: Priya via Mirrrs Models

Living in Berlin since she was 18 years old, but was originally born in Washington DC, Olive Duran is also a present and relevant part of the Berlin creative scene. Working as a stylist, content creator and creative director, she is always reflecting the influences from her upbringing to leave room for constant creative development.

TEAM: Creative Concept & Styling: Olive Duran | Photos: Daan Dam | Styling Assistant: Paula (Hello Sasy)
Hair: Laika Zuri | Make-up: Larissa Hewan Pauli | Models: Chiderah Sunny & Awa Kaloga


He creates fashion at the intersection of history and culture while commuting between Berlin, London and his hometown Zurich.

TEAM: Creative Concept & Styling: Tim Tobias Zimmermann | Photos: Gwenaelle Trannoy | Hair: Joe
Burwin | Make-up: Iga Wasylczuk | Model: Katya Vladykina via Milk Management

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