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The young singer, songwriter and harpist SELMA JUDITH shows that POP music can also be different.

Her music testifies to strength and depth. Self-reflection and self-worth.
An appeal to love and the complete rejection of any superficiality.
Seeing and feeling things. Perceiving one’s counterpart and freeing oneself from any shackles without shattering into a thousand pieces.


“Does it drive you crazy
When your love is wasted
You must feel so faceless
Living a life of lies
You must know that the things you do
Is rejecting of all things true
You are stuck in a deja vu

Lyrics “Hollow Grounds” by Selma Judith

It is not without reason that she is gaining more and more international attention for her music. With “Hollow Grounds” she has now succeeded in creating another piece that hits right into the soul. Her gentle voice accompanied by her angelic harp playing blurs any boundaries between different genres. Through stimulating fresh pop beats, the passion in her songs only becomes palpable. Her music not only touches, but rethinks classic pop music from the ground up.

All pictures courtesy AGNES VERA KAUFMANN

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