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Serge Ruffieux, best known as the former shoe designer for Carven, is going out on his own and launching his own accessories label.

Titled 13 09 SR (after the designer’s birthdate and initials) the first creations are hybrid shoes, flat and comfortable, jewel sunglasses and neoprene straps embroidered with rhinestones. In an effort to limit waste and overproduction, 13 09 SR uses a maximum of existing materials from dead stocks and responsible materials such as bioacetate.
The ex-artistic director of Carven embarks on the adventure with journalist Emilie Faure, who has left Le Figaro last February. She will take care of the management of the new business and communication.

“I am pleased to present today the spring-summer 2022 collection of 13 09 SR. This first collection promotes our values – quality, responsibility, freedom. It establishes the brand’s codes by cultivating contrasts: raw vs. refined, sportswear vs. craftsmanship, natural materials vs. technical materials, upcycling vs. recycling. Trying our best to limit waste, we use a maximum of existing materials such as leather, velvet, neoprene, brocarts, rhinestones… ” said the designer.

All images: Courtesy of SERGE RUFFIEUX

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