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Dive into the intricate narrative of “Sick of Myself,” a compelling creation by director Kristoffer Borgli.

The film delves into the complex dynamics between Signe and Thomas, a couple entangled in a web of fierce rivalry. The plot takes a sinister turn when Thomas unexpectedly achieves a breakthrough in his artistic endeavors, leaving Signe grappling to regain her lost prominence.

Kristine Kujath Thorpe, recognized as the Norwegian European Shooting Star of 2023, takes on a captivating role in this cinematic journey, which made its grand entrance at the International Film Festival of Cannes in 2022 as part of the Un Certain Regard section. As the story unfolds, the audience witnesses the unhealthy dance of one-upmanship between Signe and Thomas. Thomas, known for his unconventional art involving the pilfering of designer furniture, disrupts the status quo by attaining unexpected success, intensifying Signe’s discontent.

In a bid to reclaim her spotlight, Signe resorts to a desperate reinvention, fueled by mysterious Russian pills with a peculiar side effect of skin disease. The ingenious plan unfolds as Signe, having consumed copious amounts of these pills, presents herself to the world with shocking lesions, feigning ignorance as she seeks medical attention. The gambit pays off – sympathy floods in, media outlets spotlight her enigmatic ailment, and even Thomas extends apologies. However, the narrative takes an unforeseen dark twist, propelling the story into a realm of chilling consequences.

Sick of Myself” boldly stands as a “Non-Rom-Com,” drawing parallels to the styles of Giorgos Lanthimos or Ruben Östlund, infused with a generous dose of black humor to lay bare the societal abyss. Kristoffer Borgli’s directorial debut garnered acclaim at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, emerging as a standout among critics. The film is available for streaming on Mubi’s platform.

Credit: MUBI DE

Text: Klaas Hammer


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