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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our office. Of course, we share the best ones with you!


This weeks playlist comes from artist PIP MILLETT. Her debut album When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know will be out next month. With her music, she processes emotional feelings in combination with honest lyrics.  She agreed on sharing with us some more details about her music as well as her current musical obsession under the form of an playlist.


You’re originally from Manchester, how did growing up in Manchester influence your music? 

I don’t think it did really, because the popular music at the time was very indie based when I was growing up, which wasn’t very me. It’s only in more recent years that I’ve discovered some of the amazing rnb & soul that comes out of my city.

Your songs often are a declaration of love to yourself, what role does music play in grounding you to inner peace and mental clarity in such an unsteady world? 

My music is like a therapy really, which is lucky because it’s free for me!

Your debut album When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know is out next month. Can you tell me a little bit about the title behind the project and why you picked that?
The title comes from one of the album tracks called ‘This Stage’, which comes towards the end of the record. I picked it because it felt like it summed up everything I’m saying in this album really well.

In your new song called ‘Heal’ , you are singing I’m just tryna heal, yes, I know I’m gonna make a difference (…) I just wanna love and get on with my luck and Make a difference (…) What difference do you wanna make in this world? 

I don’t want to leave behind anything bad or toxic!

I saw on Instagram that you have a special relationship with the guitar, what makes it so special for you?

I write most of my songs at home on my guitar! That’s where everything starts.

The songs from your new album are quite personal and emotional. Do you ever feel like you’re giving away too much or how does it help you to process your emotions through your own music?

Honestly, I only feel really like I’m giving away too much when I’m asked to explain what the songs are about. I’m fine to sing about it, record it, and release it, but I don’t love talking too much about the songs afterwards, don’t want to give every single part of me away if possible…

Is there a certain environment, a certain place that charges you up with inspiration like no other?

Not really… I can be inspired anywhere as long as I’m not in a small enclosed space!

If there was one thing you would want a new listener to understand about your music, what would it be and why?
That it’s honest and comes from a real place. The songs are all very emotional and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was pretending!

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