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Seinabo Sey has released a new single “Blessed” followed by a music video.

The Swedish-Gambian artist Seinabo Sey has released her new single “Blessed” accompanied by a music video and a B-Side track “Black Star”.

The two songs serve as a foreshadowing to her new album awaited this fall. Freed from the fear of artistic failure, she shows herself authentically, while questioning her persona.
“As a female artist, you are always expected to dress up because it’s a way to show that you take your artistry seriously. But I want to be able to go out on stage in my everyday clothes if I feel like it. I want to feel like I’m good enough as I am – no matter what I do. I’m ready.” – states the artist.

Truthful and vulnerable, Seinabo has been delighting her listeners with rawly-softened vocals telling stories about deepest feelings. Her expressive voice is especially charming during live performances, leaving the listeners in silent awe. Festivals like Way Out West, Glastonbury and Roskilde have already welcomed the singer and her hypnotizing music.

Picture courtesy of Faramarz Gosheh

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