SYNERGY: Lilian von Trapp on Her New Jewellry Collection

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Lilian’s first collection was inspired by the pieces of jewelery she was given by her grandmother. Lillian re-worked these worn pieces and turned them into something new and all her own.

All of the LVT jewelery is handmade by master artisans in Germany, using only recycled gold and vintage diamonds. The brand, founded in 2016, focuses on being sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and ethically bound, in that it does not violate human rights, in regards to the mining of precious gems and metals. This should be the normal, but practices within the industry consistently prove otherwise. Timed with the upcoming holiday season, Lillian von Trapp just released her latest collection called SYNERGY.

What can we expect from SYNERGY?

My new collection features a softer, more feminine and gentle approach of the signature LVT design – for all the strength it embodies. Opposites merge.

What inspired this collection?

SYNERGY focuses on femininity. It is about female strength and energy. It’s about the interaction, the SYNERGY of different forces, which together form a whole.

Which piece from the SYNERGY collection is closest to your heart and why?

The SYNERGY ring. It combines two rings that become one. It is basically the core meaning of the word SYNERGY made into a ring.

You studied law, but soon realized that it was something you didn’t want to continue. Since then, you have spent several years working in the jewelery industry. What was your experience of handling such a big change like that?

It is always hard to start something new from scratch, especially if you are not from within the industry, but I believe that if you are flexible and adapt yourself quickly, and if you are open for learning your lessons, than you can become a master in any field.

What is your advice for someone that wants to start their own business?

Believe in yourself and always give your best. It’s not about problems, it’s about challenges.

You were given earrings by your grandmother and you re-worked them later in your life. How did you come to this idea and what was the first piece that emerged from that?

When I was a girl, my grandmother gave me her small creoles. “After all,” she said while she put them in my ears, “jewels are meant to be worn, not forgotten.” She looked at me and added: “Never forget: Make them yours.”

I only remembered those words years later, when I discovered the creoles at the bottom of my jewellery box. I’d worn them once or twice as a kid but eventually my taste evolved, and I almost forgot all about them. That day I rediscovered them, I created my very first design. I drove to a nearby goldsmith and turned them into a small ring. I made them my own. This idea, this tradition that started with my grandmother’s creoles, today builds what I do. It is about much more than just beautiful pieces of jewellery. It is about remembering history as we place it in a modern context. It’s about respect and awareness, since I use recycled materials and Diamond Foundry diamonds to create new pieces.

Considering the different background of your studies, what does being creative mean to you?

Creativity is in everything you do; may it be with your hands or in your head. I would never want to miss what I have learned during my studies. But designing beautiful pieces of jewellery, from ethical materials or precious family heirlooms, make me feel truly happy and grateful from within. It’s the most beautiful moment, when you present a piece to customers and see the deep contentment in their eyes.

How would you describe your brand’s style?

Lilian von Trapp ethical fine jewellery is minimalistic and pure, with a contemporary approach and an elegant twist.

What are the biggest challenges a jewellery designer has to face? 

The materials are expensive, and so are the mistakes! Also, prices for gold and platinum are quite dynamic. That might be challenging from time to time.

What was the most interesting piece of jewellery you have ever seen?

A piece of jewellery that has been created with love and patience and worn with respect, reflecting the personality of the owner, is truly beautiful. Luckily, I’ve seen way more than one!

What’s the next jewellery design that you have on your mind?

Expect more Diamond Foundry Diamonds. Expect colours and shapes! I will be happy to reveal my new creations in a few months.

Jewellery is often considered a status symbol, would you agree?

To me, jewellery has a very personal meaning. But of course, I also like the aspect that the value of fine jewellery never fades. Fashion jewellery is for the moment. Gold and diamonds are forever. They can be given from one generation to the other. Their value and meaning remain.

Any secret to keeping jewelery looking shiny and clean?
Wear it! As often as you can!
(And be careful with the creams, perfumes, and other cosmetics.)

Anything else you want to work on?

I love vintage watches, and this is something I have laid my eyes on for quite some time … I would love to work in this field in the near future.

The Synergy Collection and more can be found here , or call to make a private appointment with Lilian in Berlin

Interview by Barbara Anthofer
Photos Courtesy of Lilian von Trapp

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