Taking Back Time, ft. CASIO (+ GIVEAWAY!)

vor 11 Monaten

Time on your side and on your wrist but not on your phone …

At the start of the year, I treated myself to a present that if I had told my 10 year old self what this present to myself would have been, she certainly would have screamed in horror. 

I got myself an alarm clock: one of the tools of discipline and punishment that was the bane of my existence for a good half of my life. It was thrown across the bedroom, shoved off the nightstand, smashed in a thousand different ways until my hand found the snooze a hundred thousand times each morning. Our disdain for each other was mutual. 

And this year, I found myself making it a gift to myself. 

This came about not by course of reconciliation, but because I came to realize how tired I was of sleeping with my phone. An alarm coming from my phone meant that the first thing I felt in the morning was my phone. It meant I needed to sleep close to my phone. It meant that I fell asleep and woke up with it and I really don’t love my phone like that. 

So I decided to get an old school clock. One with hands to tell the time and bells to wake me up. I keep my phone in a drawer and I keep my metronomic clock tucked away behind a curtain and after this little purchase, I felt my life improve a little bit. I woke up happier. This felt like a step backwards, in the right direction. 

And so then I took the next step. What can I say, I’m a wild woman. I decided to start wearing the time around my wrist. On numerous occasions, I have pulled my phone out to check the time, and instead I see a DM beckoning me, or Costar belittling me, or an email harassing me, and I don’t even remember why I pulled my phone out to begin with, and I go my merry way still not even knowing what time it is. 

Yes, our phones have made things a bit more streamlined, but in doing this, our phones have made things much more complicated. Anyway, that’s another post for another time. T his post is to maybe have you take some consideration into time: how you are spending it, how you are using it, and how you are reading it. I personally suggest Casio. They have a long line of high tech designs, ranging from calculators to keyboards to watches. Miss reached out to Casio and asked if they wanted to share a little bit of goodness. They agreed because they’re cool and because I like to think we are in mutual love with each other. So here you go, I’m talking to you! Here is your new watch . Rose gold.Super great. You will love it. It illuminates and also tells the date. It doesn’t have hands, it shows the time digitally, so even the youth will get by. 

Follow CASIO for good measure, will you? That’s the one and only stipulation to win it. I think that’s a fair trade. They asked sweetly. I obliged. Good luck!

To enter, email us at gewinnspiel@fraeulein-magazine.eu with CASIO in the subject line, and make sure to follow them on Insta! We do check!

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