vor 11 Monaten

These times call for giving, for supporting, and for bringing goodness to our friends.

Readers, you have supported us greatly over the last ten years. In order to give back, we now offer our magazine to everyone, for free. While you can still buy a print issue (and we hope you do!), We happily extend to you our new Fall / Winter 2020 issue no. 30, on the theme LIFE, available for online viewing in both English and German, to help bring a little curiosity to an otherwise grisly year. We continue to stand by the magic of print magazines and the goodness they bring by being housed in your home and hands, but we know times are changing, and we morph with it in the ways we think make it even easier to stand by our reasons for Fräulein’s existence. Igniting inspiration and introducing new talents and topics to our readers is the reason we are here. Without further ado, we wish you goodness and blessings in the new year, and we hope you e njoy the new issue!

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