The Sopranos, Appreciated and Reimagined

vor 4 years

We all found our own quarantine coping mechanisms.  

For some, it was yoga, banana bread, learning German. For others, something more beneficial like homesteading. I had a friend learn coding. The gall.  

Me, I finally had the time to get really into the Sopranos. It has bled into my personal life. It has turned me into a New Yorker that grossly romanticises New Jersey. I have been checking out men in gold chains and track suits. I have lurked eBay for knock off Day-Date Presidential Rolexes. I now understand the allure of silken tiger print. My friends find this uncharacteristic so I don’t further explain to them my newfound fondness for boxy Armani suits and the stout men who wear them. But may I remind you of the characters with more style than just pinstripe?

Perhaps I’m twenty years late to the party, but trends come back, and 2001 Versace brocade has aged just as well as the mobsters wearing it.

Below, an appreciation for the Sopranos and the stylists that dressed them, sans spoilers, along with a reinterpretation of what we think the Sopranos & the Bada Bing crew might be seen wearing if the series was shot in the present-day.



Dr. Melphi, therapist to the Sopranos and voice of reason amongst the chaos, certainly looks the part she plays. Typically in Hugo Boss skirt suits in beige and greys, with only somewhat sensible heels, we think she would be happy to see a new array of options for women who take their career seriously yet are tired of matching their office parquet.

Adriana is as glamorous as she is trashy in all her animal print Cavalli, and is gloriously unapologetic about it. Any person lucky enough to cross paths with her winds up falling in love: from restaurant owners to undercover cops, including a special sapphic flirtation with her female tennis instructor. It’s not difficult to understand why.

Anthony Soprano Jr. AKA Baby Bing goes through an existential crisis in season 2 and begins smoking weed under the bleachers, wearing Marilyn Manson & Slipknot tees, and carrying around with him an overall sense of teenage dread and Nietzsche quotes. Speaking from personal experience, I still don’t know if its just a phase.

Meadow Soprano aka Princess Bing is daddy’s little ivy league girl. And while she goes through a few changes, including a black dye job, her style remains pretty much the same: a casual co-ed with a dorm room closet filled with denim staples and a lot of collegiate regalia.

Furio was brought directly to Little Italy from Naples, and his style reflects his disinterest in assimilating into the States. His idea of masculinity is the opposite of his New Jersey cohorts. Nonetheless, his charm and confident flamboyance leaves him no shortage of ladies. We think he could appreciate some new bold colors, courtesy of Haider Ackermann.


Mrs. Carmella Soprano is the picture perfect suburban housewife with a walk-in closet of 90s Armani, perfectly coifed hair, jewellery that never stops blinging, and one very special blonde mink fur coat that needs no modernising.

Lastly, our main man Tony Soprano (along with the rest of his crew) are either dressed very up or very down, but are always looking very good. They nail the casual suit, and show off their leather loafers every chance they get, propping their feet upon the tables in front of them. The nonchalance, the confidence, the cigars, the golf clubs (used for more than just sport)… a male ideal is realised, and to think only a river separated us.

Text: Janna Shaw

Imagery: Sopranos stills courtesy of HBO

Updated Looks
Dr. Melphi: Givenchy, Off-White, Alexander McQueen
Adriana La Cerva: Versace, Olivier Theyskens, Philipp Plein
Anthony Jr.: Tatras, Faith Connexion, Enfants Riches Depprimes
Meadow Soprano: Ganni, Ganni, Madewell
Furio: Versace, Haider Ackermann
Carmella Soprano: Nanushka, Armani, Balmain
Tony Soprano: Armani, Louis Vuitton, Lemaire

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