Choose Earth, a mission for Ukrainian brand TTSWTRS

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Its not our mission as a brand, its our mission as a speciesThese words leave plenty of space for interpretationDon’t let the interpretations mislead you. Your passion for change makes all the difference.

Ever dreamt of an intergalactic journey? Science-fiction often depicts a future of humanity far in another galaxy after we destroyed our mother planet. TTSWTRS explores exactly that in their new fashion film «MISSION», the possibility of intergalactic moving. In their vision, humans wouldn’t find the solution elsewhere and soon enough realize the importance of earth that they left in hope of a better land. Cherishing our planet and protecting it from destruction is TTSWTRS mission. They act up for sustainability in the fashion industry, collaborating with Parley for the Ocean and eco-friendly marketplace Truesy to solve environmental problems such as ocean pollution and for the development of technologies to biodegrade plastic and stopping animals from suffering. 

“A deep love for nature gives us the courage not to quit our big mission. TTSWTRS’ mission is sustainable growth in peace for each individual. Mission in mind, in heart, in actions. Mission with which we are all born, but not everyone has enough energy to handle it. We feel your uncertainty. Only a path with heart and courage will dissolve fears and bring happiness to your being no matter what the future obstacles are.

The Ukrainian brand founded by designer Anna Osmekhina in 2013 has been a pioneer in the popularisation of skin-like garments adorned with tattoo motifs. The name TTSWTRS stand for TATTOOSWEATERS and numerous tattoo artists have already collaborated with them to design prints for their iconic skin-imitating tops and bodysuits.

The virtual film born from a collaboration with TRI. Direction has caught our attention. From breathtaking decors, virtual garments, made from studying the real patterns used by the brand, to a mystical soundtrack made by the Ukrainian electronic duo Wavewalkrs. 

Text by Marien Brandon

Images courtesy of TTSWTRS

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