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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you! Safe to say, we are curious about what is coming next.

This weeks playlist comes from Dutch artist Joya MooiThe singer-songwriter released her new track called ‘You Know Me Well By Now’ at the end of October. She agreed on sharing with us some more details on her work as well as her current musical obsession under the form of an eclectic playlist.


What inspired you to bring that hazy feels into your songs?

My music is often being described as dreamy or hazy, which sometimes surprises me. Cause the things I’m sharing are so real, at times negative or somewhat cynical. I don’t sugar coat or derail. I think through combining personal stories in a way that sound soothing, I’m able to get a lot of my chest without feeling drained afterwards. But for me creating melodies, music in general is a quite subconscious thing. So I’m never telling myself my music needs to sound a certain way.

What inspired your new song You Know Me Well By Now”?

It’s a song about feeling detached yet wanting to be close to others. The endless loop that I’m trapped in; not sharing myself with the world, so many encounters only scratch the surface. So the aim is to be gentle with myself and others, let my guard down more often. I hope this song will help me a little in my efforts.

Can you share a first memory of you finding out you want to become a singer and musician?

As a kid I was always just writing stuff down – I had a little journal where I eventually also started writing poems in. Growing up I was surrounded by music and listening to albums over and over again. But I only sang in private, with my door shut. So it took a long while until my parents ‘discovered’ I liked to sing. I think once I shared that I wanted vocal lessons, i start actively dreaming and thinking of becoming a musician.

How would you define your unique music style?

Nowadays I create a hybrid of trappy R&B and dream pop, embodying stories from my past and present. I think my music style is still fluid, the story comes first and after being in sessions and working on songs, sometimes I’m telling stories that need a different musical approach.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

That I can share my story, in a way that is true to me. I can take up space, demand a stage and share the things I care about. Tell my family story, personal takes on life, focussing on matters I find important. I truly believe in the function of art. It can heal and bring a lot of joy. Music sets me free.

With which artist would be your dream collaboration?

Little Simz, I’ve been listening to her new album for days now.

What is the purpose of making music in your opinion?

To connect with others. To be able to connect over random daily events of life changing moments. Art, music, it makes me feel alive. Artists put so much of themselves in records that it can transcend in time and space. I think that’s magic that people need.

You have an amazing sense of fashion, how would you define your style?

I just love vintage clothing, nice fabrics and to feel fabulous. So in my clothes I try to channel that energy. But defining my style based on last year .. I would say comfortable home body !

On which designer should we keep an eye out for at the moment according to you?

Thebe Magugu, his latest collection is a beautiful celebration of family.

What does the playlist you created for us represent for you?

In my playlist you can find all the music I play on a daily basis. Across genres, borders and beyond. So I hope you all enjoy these great musical storytellers.

Interview by Marien Brandon

Pictures courtesy of Kirwin Lonwijk

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