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Lebanon’s Fashion Crisis. Alternative model agencies. The right perfume. Skin cream conspiracies. Hot and hazy sleeps.

10 Conspiracy Theories About the World’s Most Infamous Skin Cream via thecut.com

Around the age of 17, I snooped through the medicine cabinet of a wealthy family friend’s fourth wife. I found all sorts of wonders. The discovery that sticks out was a tiny jar of cult-status skin balm, La Mer, that sets you back over $200/ounce. It has mystical powers. I found this article earlier in the week that addresses various strange conspiracy theories about this magical miracle sea broth. Yes, it was made by a rocket scientist who had been injured in a freak space-related accident. Yes, he played songs to the creams before placing them on skin (and it is scientifically proven to have changed its chemical reactions.) And yes, he really did track each jar’s astrological placement of the hour of each inception. Love the passion. Protect the weirdos. Save up your pennies. Savor your skin. JS


Lebanon’s Fashion Industry Hit by Triple Crisis via businessoffashion.com

Lebanon’s economy is going through a hard time after a chemical explosion in the port of Beirut destroyed a part of the city already struggling with economic collapse and pandemic. This disaster also impacted the Lebanese fashion industry which is a cultural and economical strength for Beirut. Genius designers such as Rabih Kayrouz or Zuhair Murad lost everything from their headquarters and boutiques to their archives and current work. I can’t help but think of the fire that burnt most of the Helmut Lang archives in 2010. As Helmut Lang resurrected from the ashes those designers and their team are already trying to go on. The resilience capacities of the Lebanese people is outstanding. MB

‘You Are More Than A Body’: The Lingerie Brand That Picks Models Without Seeing Them via theguardian.co.uk

Who has not secretly fantasized of being discovered by a model agency while strolling through the city or on the way to the supermarket? The lingerie brand the Underargument casts its models through submissions of individual stories that do not require photos or body measurements. They have also influenced other brands to re-think their way of casting. Yes to the representation of all bodies! PG


How to Choose the Right Perfume or Cologne for You via nytimes.com

Recently I have been on the hunt for a new favorite fragrance. There are many dos and donts when searching for the right molecule. Skin heat, chemical reactions, natural vs synthetic, there is more than just picking up a tester and spraying on a stick, supposedly. This article from the New York Times offers novices advice from expert perfumers and the chance to find a fragrance they will love forever and more. For me, I’m still looking. SK


How To Sleep When It’s Hot Outside & You Don’t Have AC via refinery29.com

It is getting hot outside – and also in the bedroom. How are we supposed to sleep when it feels like only breathing can cause an outbreak of sweat? Apparently, sleeping naked is not a solution to the problem. The article gives some insight on how to fight against insomnia due to unbearable heat. Sleep well! PG


Image courtesy of Elle Magazine

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