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An angelic fragrance experience through an extraordinary interaction

Inspired by the iconic spirits cognac and gin, Kilian Paris has created a range of fragrances called “The Liquours”. The fragrances – Angels’ Share, Roses on Ice, Apple Brandy and L’Heure Verte – appear in refillable Art Deco-style scent bottles reminiscent of unforgettable bar evenings. As perfect after-party fragrances, “The Liquors” set the right mood, characterized by a touch of extravagance. Founder and developer Kilian Hennessy developed the new fragrance collection as a tribute to his heritage of the French Hennessy spirits dynasty. For now, “Angels’ Share” is the most personal fragrance creation of Kilian Hennessy, as they provide a deep insight into the mind and soul of the founder. It is inspired by the savoir-faire of his family, the eighth generation of his family to be involved in the production of spirits. “Angels’ Share” was born from a first-time collaboration with French perfumer Benoist Lapouza.

The fragrance incorporates cognac essence extracted from the spirit, which gives it a natural caramel color, serving his personal olfactory memory through a blend of cinnamon essence, oak wood, tonka bean and vanilla providing an exquisite finish – a very unusual composition for an angelic experience, but don’t we all want to smell angelic for once?

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Image work by Pascal Schattenburg and Nutsa Khurtsilava

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