X-Mas Calendar: Day 20

vor 2 years

Another pair of dreamy sunglasses is awaiting you.

Founded in 2011, the South Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster stands out especially for its futuristic realistic campaigns. Since then, the brand has shone through collaborations with Tilda Swinton, who is also the brand’s muse, in 2017 and other cooperations s with Hood by Air and Opening Ceremony.

Gentle Monster’s focus here is on innovative and experimental design in the silhouettes of its eyewear.
The brand’s concept stores, which blur the boundaries between the world of eyewear and a parallel reality, are also striking, such as the “Dosan House” in Seoul.

On the 20th day of our aventscalendar Gentle Monster is fulfilling your own sci-fi fantasy with your perfect extraordinary glasses!

What you need to do? 

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Good Luck!
*Participation until end of the day, Winners will be contacted directly

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