A Comeback of the “Ugly Shoes”

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Brace yourself, mules are back.

Within each season, designers bless us with a range of pieces that have us collectively laughing. Curious, grotesque or just plain ugly, we can’t help but wonder what happens in the studios of our favourite brands to obtain such results. We also will one day see someone wearing the atrocity in question, and come to think that it is actually not all that bad. If you’re like me, you’ll ended up purchasing that ugly shirt which hd you giggling several months prior. It is now a personal aim to own it and turn it into something stylish. Opposites attract each other.

Shoes are usually the prime example of this hate-at-first sight phenomenon. From the knee-high UGG boots in collaboration with Y-project to the Bottega Veneta puddle boots… we are used to encountering fashion UFO’s from time to time. This summer will be no exception.
I recently came across many trend-boards on social media, anticipating the sunny days, and was intrigued by the obsession around two pairs of atypical mules: the Gucci jelly slides and Amina Muaddi’s wedges.

Maybe it is because of the return of 2000’s fashion, or maybe camp and fun are needed after one year of tough social restrictions, but both shoes remind me of vivid 2006 memories from summer holidays. With bold colours and plastic materials, Gucci and Amina Muadi played the cheap and chic card, creating two very refreshing pairs.

Gucci’s playful and childlike inspired sandals have been seen all over TikTok recently and surprisingly placed themselves as an unexpected «It Shoe». Meanwhile, Amina Muaddi launched her new Lupita glass wedge and tries to make wedges sexy again. I’m excited to see a comeback of unusual shoes this summer and am already looking forward to enjoying those colourful mules all over the city.

Images courstesy of Gucci and Amina Muaddi

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