A. ROEGE HOVE and the art of fine knits

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A. Roege Hove designs knits like you’ve never seen before.

A fairly new fashion brand creating your new knitwear obsessions: Danish designer Amalie Roege Hove has been continuously exploring the world of knits and its craftsmanship. Her mainly black and white pieces made out of a sheer rib knit are perfect to be layered and are perfectly fitted to women’s bodies. From clothing to bags, all pieces have unique shapes and draping due to A. Roege Hove’s way of using knitting machines. Learn more about the Copenhagen-based brand below.

What is your process of developing the patterns and cuts?
Everything comes from the possibilities within knitting and a constant investigation of rib. It’s about working around the body, but also creating spaces with the clothes and working with the transformation from hanger to body.

To what extent does A. Roege Hove fit in with other Scandinavian brands and where does it stand out in particular?
Our focus on craft and a simple product is quite Scandinavian to me. However, our way of working with bright colors in bold combinations is perhaps something that stands out.

Between lots of black and white there are minimal colors included in your collections, like aqua-blue and lime green. What do you associate with these colors?
I think these colors are so important for the brand and each new collection has been given a signature color. To me, they showcase something completely different and they allow us to see the knit in a new way compared to the black and white styles.

Any tips on styling rather sheer clothes?
First of, I hope people don’t feel intimidated by the sheerness – I hope people will use it and be curious about this when dressing themselves. I love the styles combined within the collection, but also very much when our customers take the pieces and use them in their very different wardrobes. The styles change so much and I think there is a great potential in personalizing the items when doing this.

How will knitwear develop in the future, the importance and design-wise?
I hope it will be used more in the way the craft allows, so taking full advantage of the possibilities to create a product with very little waste. You can create the shape, surface and garment in one and this is something that our industry should realize. I think it’s important to preserve this craft in general, but also working against the fast tracked textile industry. But for me it’s also important that people want to specialize and have ambitions to work in the most responsible way possible.

Interview: Hannah Sulzbach
Pictures: Courtesy of A. Roege Hove SS22

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