vor 3 years

Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those will otherwise all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

This week we have been fantasizing a lot about clubbing. Some of us always are in that mindset of lament, but this past week in particular, there was something about it… perhaps it was the bursts of sunlight, taking our minds to the potential of forest raves… perhaps it was that Bottega takeover of Berghain… or maybe we are all just at the point after a long isolated winter that we wish to stretch out of our shells and get a bit dehydrated and ravaged amongst a bunch of other sweaty people. (Just us? Probably not.) We have been playing a lot of techno in the office. And while someone in particular on our team has been banished to their headphones for his choice in grating music, we decided to give him a task. Make us a playlist, Pablo. And he did. And he focused on all the badass women that have and currently are producing some insane, intense beats. It hasn’t left our ears since. The playlist starts with the Greek pioneering musician Lena Platonos to lure you in… and from there, we are taken on a journey through the likes of Avalon Emerson, Boy Harsher (remixed by Marcel Dettmann), to Nene H and Laurel Halo.

Throw this on at your next socially-distanced dinner party. It will surely morph into your (singular household) guests dancing. Tried and true. We tested it. Enjoy!

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