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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various budding artists to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!

As the temperatures are heating up and this long winter finally seems over, we have a special artist providing us some tunes to play on the first week of spring. The London-born musician Bree Runway makes music that is not so easy to pigeonhole. In her debut mixtape masterpiece 2000AND4EVA different genres and sounds influence her pop sound. The standout track Little Nokia reminds you of 2000’s rock while stimulating your brain with fierce lyrics and reaffirming female power. 2000AND4EVA also features a track with legendary Missy Elliot, entitled ATM. Today, the superstar in the making releases her latest song HOT HOT that has high potential to climb on the top of the charts. “I feel like this is the song everyone needs to hear as it gets hotter and the world eases up. This pandemic hasn’t been easy on the brain, and with being indoors wearing joggers 24/7, it’s been hard to feel like a hottie, so I’m hoping this track will help ”, says Bree about HOT HOT. The track will for sure get you hyped up about summer since it is the perfect mix of early R&B and smooth pop vocals (it’s a replay of Busta Rhymes’ iconic hit Touch It). We might play it all summer long. Below, find the playlist she did for us as well as her new single. Enjoy the sun!

I definitely had to add Missy Elliott ‘She’s A Bitch' and Lil Kim ‘No Matter What People Say'! Two KEY songs I had on repeat growing up that has shaped the big bad bitch I am today, these songs always make me feel like I’m the most important girl in the room, they helped me a lot with my confidence growing up. This playlist is all about feeling sexy and uplifted, something we all need to feel right now in this annoying global pandemic, we all need that pick me up. It was important to feature tracks from Pharrell, Britney, Missy they all play a big role in my perception of what a true artist is, they taught me that an artist should feel free to shift into whatever they want at any time, they all do it so flawlessly too.

You can follow Bree Runway on Insta here and check out her new music video released yesterday below

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