A Summer of Love in Wood Wood

vor 3 years

If you were already aware of the Wood Wood presence, perhaps you associate it with streetwear and lounge sets. It looks like that customer has grown up a little bit.

They still look good. Even better, in my opinion. Still cool and relevant but more discerning.

My job is to stay on the pulse of what is happening, which is why I am surprised that I had never come across the e-platform and designer Wood Wood. Blame my coming from America. While Wood Wood creates their own line of clothing (for both men and women and somewhere in between), they also feature other lines that fit nicely in their own little universe, based in the neighborhood of Nørrebo in Copenhagen.

Another part of my job is to feature what I think is worth showing our audience. So when I was presented the upcoming collection for Wood Wood, I found it worth sharing. I was transported to a Summer of Love. Lots of crochet tops for the ladies, washed pinstripe tees and prints for the guys. All very casual, but thrown together with great purpose. All looks for men and women correspond with each other, simply in different sizing and cuts. Like a band of countryside artists.

My favorite pieces include the oversized blue linen Sirid suit, which looks very Japanese in that effortlessly cool & slouchy way; the crochet hat I need for an afternoon of radlers in Görlitzer Park; and definitely the retro hued crochet tanks and cardigans that I would hope all my guy friends would ask to borrow.

Wood Wood is also still carrying some of our favorite brands and products: Comme des garçon Incense parfums (fairly difficult to find outside of certain Comme shops, trust me) Tekla’s raw luxe bedsheets and towels, Good Morning’s cosmic-tinged tees, and Puritx hand sanitisers which we are dying to try (in scents like Manuka & Cedar.)

See more and shop around Wood Wood here

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