Conscious Luxury by ZAZI Vintage, UN Approved

vor 3 years

The luxury fair fashion label ZAZI Vintage has made it their task since the start to support disadvantaged women working in the fashion industry.

Working with storytellers from all over the world, ZAZI now focuses on Afghanistan with a special project together with the UN initiative for ethical  f ashion.

Each ZAZI piece is lovingly handcrafted from vintage fabrics and is therefore a unique piece. Label founder, fashion designer, and women’s rights activist Jeanne de Kroon has created a bridge between traditional handicrafts and the international lifestyle market. This collection is no exception and features the label’s famous embroideries, bright colors and patterns. Special highlights are the handmade afghan coats, a fashion statement for being both: stylish and sustainable.

The campaign was developed in the heart of Afghanistan together with Farzana Wahidy, a famous documentary photographer and photojournalist, and three refugee photographers who were trained and supported by the UN. The project helps women to lead a stable and independent life with safe working conditions.

In a time when we are more separated than ever, we need more stories like this one, reminding us to go back to the beginning, to connection, and to permanence. See the campaign video and the full collection here to feel even more connected.

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