Joyful Minimalism: CHAPEL PETRASSI

vor 3 years

Functionality meets aesthetics: Chapel Petrassi is the contemporary design and manufacturing studio you need to know right know if you want your apartment to look like a contemporary art gallery.

The design duo, which consists of art and literature major Marie-Charlotte Bassi and designer Diego Petroso, creates unique pieces that are softening the borders of sculpture and furniture. The handcrafted furniture and custom projects for residential, commercial and galleries are inspired by the likes of Donald Judd as well as Giacomo Balla’s futurism. It is especially the geometric shapes and color blocking that remind us of Balla’s paintings and that make the pieces so very special. But on the other hand, Bassi’s and Petroso’s design is characterized by the high aesthetization of the form, claiming a sculptural status without losing any of its functionality.

Besides shape and color, two of the most outstanding pieces of the core collection, “Hellas Bench” as well as the “Gaby Seating/Coffee Table”, incorporate recycled aluminum as the basis for their metal work. The lacquered wood is produced in Naples by an artisanal manufacturer who has been mastering the 60s – beautiful for your apartment, even better for your conscious. And for everyone one a budget (we see you, we hear you!), Chapel Petrassi also offers a series of graphic prints that embellish your yet empty walls.

Explore Chapel Petrassi’s collection here!

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