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It’s that time of year! The holidays are approaching, and while there is much warmth and goodness that surrounds them, there is one issue that, year-after-year, encroaches us all with its black consumerist sludge … aptly named, BLACK FRIDAY.

Don’t get us wrong: we love a sale. But we love a sale that does not come attached with FOMO, textile waste, or physical brawls .
For the fourth year running, ASKET does it again. They CLOSE their online shop, instead redirecting all traffic to a Garment Care Portal, teaching visitors how best to care for, repair, and further love their existing garments.

ASKET teamed up with the super stylish Garcon Jon in a photo series by Jonathan Daniel Pryce, entitled We’re Not Sell Outs. We have seen over the last couple years the buzzword ‘SUSTAINABILITY’ being thrown around runways, fashion houses, conferences, shops, and online platforms. Yet this personal ethos is rarely seen in practice, when the perfect opportunity arises. The amount of overconsumption and waste that Black Friday sales perpetuate is astonishing.
ASKET instead focuses upon their timeless essentials: the ones that are so classic, you want to wear everyday, keep around for years, pass between friends, and pass down to family members. Instead of convincing us to buy more, they teach us how to care more. We applaud ASKET for taking a stand against this, for putting their (our!) Money where their mouth is, and leading by example in an industry that needs to be held more accountable.

The ASKET online shop will be closed on Black Friday, November 27th. To learn how to treat your beautiful garments best, simply visit them!

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