The Creative Director Who Takes Inspiration from the Nautical Coastlines of Croatia

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Mauro Massarotto, the creative director of Sheriff & Cherry, is giving the brand a new lease of life with an upcoming capsule collection that gives homage to his homeland, Croatia, and the world of sport.


The famous INEF Sports Centre in Barcelona was built for the 1992 Olympic Games and is partly an inspiration for a new capsule collection from Sheriff and Cherry. Channeling the spirits of the ’92 competition in Sheriff and Cherry’s Retro Sports Tracksuits combine effortlessness with style. Their motions are emphasized by bold colors and daring leopard prints. The nautical rope, one of Sheriff & Cherry’s well-known emblems, is embedded into dark blue tracksuits. We spoke with the creative director, Mauro Massarotto, about the upcoming collection and his early memories of growing up and how this influenced his later fashion choices.


When did your journey into fashion begin?

Mauro Massarotto: Since I remember I was always interested in and fascinated with individual styles. When I was studying fine arts and started designing prints and illustrations for magazines and brands, I understood that fashion was my favorite art form to express my creativity.

Growing up in Croatia, how did that affect your influence and perspective on your style/fashion?

MM: Growing up on a coast side, between boats and islands, I was for sure influenced by the nautical lifestyle. Also, as Croatia is an international holiday destination, seeing tourists from all over the world gave me a grasp on different cultures and styles that inspired and continue to inspire my creative vision. Sheriff&Cherry is a reflection of that.

Being a creative director of Sheriff & Cherry, what do you want to create for the brand?

MM We create pieces that are timeless yet bold, with the outmost care for details, honoring traditional craftsmanship. There is always a sense of nostalgia in our design that never goes out of style.

Has your way of dressing shifted since the pandemic this year?

MM: I always loved comfortable and cozy clothes, oversized fits in smooth fabrics, so it did not change that much. I love tracksuits.

What are your early memories of wearing a tracksuit?

MM: I always remember my first and most favorite tracksuit from my childhood: it was a light blue cotton two-piece by Ellesse. Throughout my teenage years I was wearing tracksuits all the time, since I was playing for the Croatian national handball team. 

Did you have any sports style heroes growing up?

MM: Patrik Čavar, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, and of course Maradona.

What were your inspirations for this collection?

MM: I find inspiration in boat life, the longing for a permanent vacation, and good timeless shapes. I love old-school holiday resorts, where sports meets leisure.

How would you describe your personal style?

MM: Comfortable Papi style: a mix of gentlemen’s classics with a sporty twist, maritime-inspired with a lot of navy and splashes of color. City pirate style

What do you envision for the future of Sheriff & Cherry?

MM: Sheriff&Cherry is about helping to explore your own comfort: this is slow clothing en route to the easy life. We are looking forward to working on that in our new collections and collaborations. We are launching our first optical collection next year, expect more surprises to come. Our goal is to bring people to our world where the nights are warm, the hair is salty, and the sea is calm.


Images: Courtesy of Reference Studios

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