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Berlin-based label SF1OG is well known for its storytelling and ability to delve into the past to create impactful looks in the present. For AW24 it embraces a nostalgic look back at youth and the idealization of its carefree attitude that led to the rise of 2000s fashion for the past few seasons.


According to the theme, SF1OG showcased its collection in the gym hall of a run down school in Berlin Wedding, where the laughter of schoolchildren seemed still to be in the air. It was the show everyone was talking about at Berlin Fashion Week.

The collection featured SF1OG’s typical childlike, sentimental elements, this time combined with the look of the 2000s such as baggy jeans, pleated skirts, ties, unevenly striped shirts, and of course, pieces from a collaboration with Eastpak. This was new for the label, which usually presents itself in a more Victorian manner. However, all of this was made from vintage fabrics like repurposing linen from the 18th and 19th century. Each garment of the AW24 collection displayed incredible attention to detail and devotion to craftsmanship.

The presentation was also exceptional. During the show, when the models finished their walk through the room, they took seats on school benches in the middle of the space. Of course, one of the school’s students was selected as a model for the show cast. Other students were invited to see the show as guests. The presentation was complemented by rock sounds that evoked a fragmented memory of teen life in the 2010s.

Photography by MIRIAM MARLENE 

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