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The starting point for this story was a discussion of augmented reality and the deconstruction of the human body in times of technical progress and AI.

In art history the Constructivists from the beginning of 20th century advocated a geometric-technical design principle with colour surfaces, lines and basic geometric forms without the illusion of perspective space. I took up this design idea and mixed it with a deconstruction of the human body in several parts in the tradition of surrelistic painting art. This stills story deals with the construction of the human body out of forms and lines as a mixture of construktivism and surrealism and uses accessories and jewelry from Saint Laurent, Prada, Loewe, Versace, Gucci, Celine, and others.

Still 1: Zimmermann
Still 2: Versace
Still 3: Valentino
Still4: The Attico
Still 5: Self-Portrait
Still 6: Saint Laurent
Still 7: Prada via Mr Spex
Still 8: Moschino
Still 9: Moncler via Mr Spex
Still 10: Loewe
Still: 11: Jacquemus
Still 12: Isabel Marant
Still 13: Gucci
Still 14: Dsquared2 via Mr Spex
Still 15: Celine
Still 16: Aquazurra

Photography, Styling &  Setdesign LOREEN HINZ Represented by ANNAPIA LORENZI & KATHRIN HOHMANN

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