Looking back at Cannes Film Festival 2021

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During the Cannes Film Festival cinema was celebrated directly at the riviera.

The Cannes Film Festival always sets the tone for the upcoming cultural year, young talents were revealed, and films were shown we can’t wait to see in the dim light of our local cinemas. The 74th edition of the film festival has, as always, caught our attention, thanks to its infamous red carpet. After missing out on many red-carpet-moments the past year, we were eager to see the very best of couture and other delightful evening wear. Bella Hadid flooded our Instagram feeds with successive looks from Lanvin, Jean-Paul Gaultier and the already cult Schiaparelli black lungs-gown.

Another red carpet attendee was Hefsia Herzi to present her newest film “Bonne Mère”. The actress Hafsia Herzi has blossomed before the world’s eyes, beginning with a remarkable debut in Abdellatif Kechiche’s “Couscous”, for which ended up being awarded multiple times, most notably with a César for Most Promising Actress in 2009. This year at Cannes she was awarded the Ensemble price for “Bonne Mère”, a film following the life of a mother in Marseille’s suburbs, about which she said “It’s a tribute to my mother, to all these women, who are alone. It happens in Marseille in the northern districts but it could happen anywhere”.

Tilda Swinton and Léa Seydoux where highly expected guests, as they were respectively nominated for three and four films. But after Léa Seydoux had to turn down the invitation after being tested positive for Covid-19, we were pleased to spot Tilda Swinton on the carpet. Likewise donning a Schiaparelli gown next to Timothée Chalamet, both starring in Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch”. Name a etter accessory.

The festival ended on the highest note as Julia Ducournau won the Golden Palm for her film “Titane”, becoming the second women to archive such achievement since the creation of the ceremony. Whether it was on screen, behind the camera or wrapped in the most exquisite designs, at this edition of Cannes Film Festival women were honoured. Hats off ladies.

Text by Marien Brandon

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