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It all began in 1923 with a simple fantasy exercise and a pack of cigarettes.

The founder Colombo Mario sat in a bar with his friends. In kind of a little game with his first and last name, the name of the brand was born, which now almost 100 years later stands as the epitome of motion and style: Colmar

For the AW21 collection, the brand returns to its origins to carry them back into the future. Essential lines, in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns, such as high quality wool blends for men and dyed yarns for diagonal effects, for women in soft wool and dyed through shades, which give an elegant and at the same time thermal garment, being superior versatile that everyone can identify in their very own way.

The color palette represents a pure play of shades: From rich petrol green, to strong burgundy for him, and in the most diverse shades of purple and green for her. In addition combined classic clothes in harmonious black, white, gray or blue, creating the perfect interplay. The logo of the brand appears tone on tone to emphasize the clean minimalist look.
But also the most diverse intelligent cuts support the wholeness of the collection. Short and sleeveless jackets made of rip-stop fabric in a light embossed effect for him meet short, sporty feminine garments, like long coats with waist belts in a mirror-like patent look for her.
A finish of brilliance and luminosity, which once again provides the pieces with a special expression and depth to the colors.

The men’s collection is completed by the addition of technical, sporty garments, where down parts meet, expertly alternating with a bonded fabric reminiscent of the material of diving suits. Also part of the collection are jackets made entirely of stretch polyester, which are both breathable and waterproof, thanks to a polyurethane membrane.
On the other hand, the women’s collection is complemented by different lengths of feminine garments, all of which exude the conscience flair of subtle glamour. Jackets in quilted lining with realistic, thick, soft fur made of recycled polyester fibers, which provide a refined look, as well as pieces with crinkle effect, which are covered with a glitter finish and so just bursting with luminosity.
All collections are accomplished by knitwear, sweatshirts and diverse accessory.

The issue of sustainability plays a huge role for the brand, which is why Colmar Originals decided to include environmentally friendly garments made from recycled materials in the collection. The idea is to sharpen the consumer’s eye for a more conscious approach to their own wardrobe, and of course to reduce the environmental impact in general.
In this sense, the fabrics used are obtained from yarns with semi-glossy aspects of biodegradable nylon, whose particular composition allows a garment to actually decompose itself within five years, if disposed of in the appropriate places.
The padding of the jackets is made of soft down effect absorbent cotton, which is 100% water repellent and recyclable, and zippers in contrasting colors which are also made of a biodegradable nylon.

All these values ultimately result in a responsible interplay of sustainable innovative solutions in modern sporty elegance and demonstrates the opportunity of the possible fusion of both claims.

Colmar wants you to convince yourself and provides a jacket, which will accompany you for a very long time and when it should be worn out, virtually dissolves into thin air!

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Credit: Colmar


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