Debut: The Surrealist Temple Band Cometh…

vor 3 years

I asked the florist for some flowers the color of an insane asylum.

And it comes on International Women’s Day, with the Surrealist Temple Band’s first single ‘International Women’s Day’

Two members of the band Insecure Men ran away with the poet Lev Parker and are now making a spoken word album backed with electronic music. 

The first single ‘International Women’s Day’ is a poem for the melancholic poet’s Russian ex-wife: an ode to symbology with an unfortunate sore blind spot to Russian numerology. The accompanying video stars Lev as well as the philosopher Nina Power.



Celebrated on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day began in Russia in 1917 to honor and celebrate women’s important role under socialism. This day of celebration moved westward and gained more mainstream traction in the 60s. This is the second year in which Berlin has deemed Frauentag a public holiday.

Video Directed by Ilya Permyakov
Cinematography by Valya Korabelnikova
Album recorded at Trash Mouth Records 

If you wish to see what else the Surrealist Temple is up to, you will find more info here or follow them on Instagram

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